The moment when mgt try to kill Techi *A*
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05 August 2017 @ 06:11 am
After Zuumin; now Techi T.T

Yaabbaaii~~!! SaiMajo without Techi & Zuumin, two empty space at the front >.<

Get well soon Techi Keyaki-chan schedule for this month is no joke m(_ _)m

I hope management not forget Techi is just 16~~!!!
Now; they try to push Neru(?) and she probably the 3rd person will collapse T^T

Recent performance at CDTV I notice something wrong with Techi T.T She look so weak and sick >//<
The weakest Fukyouwaon ever *A* big hole here and there because of Neru and Zuumin~~man!!!why they need to perform at CDTV last week?? no point!!!

Thanks Takahiro sensei for being-like-second-dad to Techi
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First day of fasting . .

Haiitt~~~haaiitt~~~I'm not a kid =P

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Sho-san 2nd Single

50sec short preview *A*
I want a full version ASAP~~! ! !

Sho-san, again . . your voice

man~~yabaiiiii ! ! ! *poor my heart X3*
White day today ^^
I got . . . ice cream X3
I love ice cream more than choc =P
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