15 September 2017 @ 11:18 am
What day is today ?


Sept, 15 ➳ Arashi's 18th Anniversary ヾ(≧∇≦)〃
5人でいる ずっといる )

Today also OmiRyu 7th Anniversary ^-^

My fav duo ^^
I'm not enjoy much personal project because you guys are meant to be together T^T
I'll waiting patiently for new album ballad song m(_ _)m

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26 April 2017 @ 08:44 pm

when I saw this video and couple of photos, suddenly my brain start randomly playing 2NE1 "Come back home" in my head X3

So Ryu, how long you gonna be with B family ? ? ( ꒪⌓꒪)
What kind of music they gonna make ( •̀ .̫ •́ )

Honestly, I'm looking forward . . . . . . . . . . . .

June 21
yyeeaaahh~~~! ! ! ! Beautiful combi v( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )v
I know JAY'ED, thanks to HiGH&LOW

Bye for now Omiryu, till next time >////<

*Sorry, no update for drama x.X because this season pretty slow(?)
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14 April 2017 @ 11:59 pm

"Ann-chan . . . . . . . . . . . . "
now two vocals . . X3 )
31 March 2017 @ 11:11 am
The end of 「ARASHI DISCOVERY」 (╥ω╥)

Listen it everyday >///< so it kind-of wwwaaaaaa~~~!!!!!>////////<


Finally . . .
watched Naruto the last episode ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )


Next week, start a new series Boruto and to be honest, I'm not gonna watch it ^^''


Another new PV from Keyaki ^-^

Beautiful PV ~ ~ ~ the detail is no joke *I think only Keyaki fan understand it =3

This scene T^T ~ ~ I can't remember her name ^^'' but how she pulled Neru and was like "Neru, you're not 1.5 member. You're Keyaki members!!"

Techi part seriously meaningful~~

this!!! being youngest and centre for 4th time is H A R D >.<

I love how they make captain and co-captain pick up Techi d^^b
"You're our forever-centre, Techi!!!!"

Big applause to Takahiro-sensei who choreo this piece ;D *and such a brilliant idea to include the previous dance step in this ^^

Techi already feel the pressure being a centre >.<
I believe she hope for 4th single, she's not a centre but . . .

Look at her >//< *A* She not smiling at all c:
Hang in there Techi because right now no one can replace you as centre d(^^)b
Your aura more powerful than Acchan ! !


This week, Sandaime literally everywhere to promote THE JSB WORLD ^3^

1 word = OmiRyu ヾ(≧∇≦)〃


Omi, that smile and please stop being cinderella boy shy . . lol=P

LOVE is in the air ~ ~ X3 *for these all promo I love Elly ;D because he bring out all the random stuffs that . . hahahahXDD




Update Aozora Yell eng sub HERE

That's all for now ^^

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14 March 2017 @ 01:10 am
The K I N G ♕♕

Thanks Omi for the cap (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ  because yeah~~!!! Not everyday we can see you post OmiRyu =3
RL == )

Looks like staff-san love Omi more than Gun =P just look the different between Gun-chan and Omi birthday banner..hahahXDD
Art of life ~ ~ )
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March 11
My birthday today and my sister too *we're born in the same date but different year \\(^-^)//
I'm not getting old but I'm getting wiser X3

X4 ~ Xross Mate )

OST ~ 突然ですが、明日結婚します )

OST ~ Quartet )

三月のパンタシア ~ あのときの歌が聴こえる )

[ profile] nagoya_mewmew and [ profile] mcjane83
Happy birthday too ^^

tomorrow~~~March 12 ^^ )

Time to eat some cake =3 Jaa nee~~~

Enjoy and have a nice weekend ( ^^)♡(^^ )
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Today, March 8
❀ Happy Women's Day ❀

and also HAPPY ! !
Love~~~~~~~ )
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Hello Monday ^^
Almost end of February X.x ~~~ time flies so fast >///<

Btw, just to inform you guys . .

I create DW account today finally \\(^.^)//
(advice from a friend ^-^v)

So, here my DW page X3
I already added people that I know
and for others feel free to add me *is it the correct term? I dunno ^^''
but don't worry, I'm still here till LJ completely shut down or I die

"Omi, don't ignore me~~~~"
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Anyone watch 嘘の戦争 ?

Do you guys notice this . .

Look at the phone =='' upside-down
No ! ! his phone is not like that =P

and this is the correct way ;D *staff-san, please!! this-little-thing-ruined-my-excitement XD

I think you really love leopard print right, just look at Metropoliz good ^^''

Yes Omi, this pv Sandaime poi nee~~

OmiRyu ^^ *I swear I love all member, but always end up make a gif Ryu-Omi-OmiRyu X3

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15 February 2017 @ 05:23 pm

Look at Sho (Golden Bomber) XDDD big fan of Amamiya Kyoudai just like me =P
Update ! ! ! =^-^= )
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