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2017-07-19 12:04 pm
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# [86] What do you know about me?

psssttt~~~the pv is out =3

man~~!!!! They're getting better and better~~!!!! I hate you girls X3

⊿ So this song is about the story before Silent Majority nee~~
⊿ Watch this and then Silent Majority~~goosebumps *A*
⊿ Techi solo part >//////<
⊿ Zuumin is back \\(^^)// *she lose so much weight T^T
⊿ I thought Neru is not here because Neru not a part of Keyaki back then
⊿ Berika keep surprising me!
⊿ Fukyouwaon; the best pv . . but when Eccentric come out, Eccentric is the best
and now . . NO!! Getsuyoubi is the BEST d(^^)b
⊿ Listening Keyaki-chan 1st album, wooowww the best album from 48/46 group ^3^

That's all~~Bye *(^-^)*

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2017-07-17 12:51 am
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[Download] 2017.07.15 音楽の日 *欅坂46

Keyaki-chan new song ^^
*I'm sooo looking forward the new album

From weird-crazy-drunk-monkey dance Eccentric to this . . .
LOVE ! ! LOVE ! ! !

Techi should take a break but...NO!! she need be centre for a while ! ! because I don't think anyone can replace her-Period-


▻ First time they're wearing different outfit
▻ Maybe because this song so is about school & bullying
  ▻ It is summer and I love they're doing this kind of song d^^b
▻ I like the melody of the song ^^
▻ and dance part~~~Takahiro-san; genius!!
basically I love most of his work ^^b
▻ If you notice; there are lot of familiar dance step here X3
▻ Obviously, the ending part--Techi last pose-Silent Majority *v*

Enjoy ( ^^)(^^ )

Man~~!!! Techi !!!  "あんたは私の何を知る?"

p/s : I'm on holiday; so...yes will reply all the messages later =3

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2017-07-06 02:44 pm
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# [84] I am Eccentric X3

PV is out ! ! !
I'm done~~my fave PV(?) *v*

weird-awkward-something that . . .

I love how they keep an empty space for Zuumin and the shadow of her ^^b
I hope she's getting better now~~! !

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2017-07-02 07:07 am
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2017-07-02 01:47 am
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[Download] 2017.07.01 The Music Day*欅坂46

Finally~~! ! !
Eccentric \\(^^)//


⊳ Man~~! ! ! I LIKE THEM ! !
⊳ The shoes part . . LOVE IT~~~! ! ! Yes, throw it to the haters . .hahahahXDD
⊳ Chest-shaking part~~lolXDD
⊳ Can't wait for the full version X3

Enjoy ( ^^)(^^ )
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2017-07-01 05:26 pm

[Download] 2017.06.30 Music Station*欅坂46



⊳ The way Techi fall is not-a-joke O.O
⊳ Techi pretty rough with captain last night *I think this is the first time Sugai fall

Enjoy and have a nice weekend( ^^)(^^ )
My face when K-Pop fans badmouth about Keyaki-chan =.=

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2017-06-29 03:08 am
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[Download] 2017.06.28 TV Tokyo Music Festival 2017 *欅坂46

Throat problem, a man want to kill, Keyaki-chan 1st album (type A Techi solo cover) man~~the pressure. .this is too much for 16 years old kids >.<


⊳ Just read about recent Keyaki-chan HS >.< "I want to kill her!!" what the !!#$%#$^!!!! man, you're so sick!!!
⊳ Poor Techi T.T Stay strong kiddo ! ! !
⊳ Last night show was great but . . a bad news from Koichi TT.TT
⊳ Speedy recovery Tsuyoshi-san ! !

⊳ Btw, I'm glad Tomo singing it with Kouchan ^^ I miss TOKIO SOOO BAD

Enjoy ( ^^)(^^ )
*I'll share the whole show later
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2017-04-16 09:11 am

[Download] 2017.04.14 Music Station

you will have to kill me first . . )

Yesterday AniS they announced for this year 24hour tv . . .

Sho - Koyama - Kame
Random combi (?)
eerrrmmm~~btw who gonna act in drama special ?
*Am I the only one that think 嵐 slowly do an individual job D:

Lastly before I end this post,
today April 16
Happy Birthday Mum \\(^-^)//
Once again, I find myself with no words to express how much you mean to me on this special day ♡
It just I want you to know that I am nothing without you, but I can be everything with you by my side. Love you ! !

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2017-04-16 05:05 am
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[Download] 欅坂46 SHOW *不協和音

Last 不協和音 performance I guess ^^

Finally . . . . full version ! ! )
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2017-04-10 10:26 am
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2017-04-06 11:24 pm

# [67] 1st anniversary \\(^-^)//

Today Keya-chan 1st anniversary ! !
Wish you girls more awesome years ahead~~! ! !

I love how management not push Techi like Acchan ^^b She only shine in performernce and not in variety X3

hahhaa . . she still a kid XD

I can't believe they (at least Techi and Neru singing 不協和音 live) and this rehearsal scene,
she tried to smile but yeah what the @!#$#@$

and I'm proudly declare that 不協和音 = My favorite song ❤

It's about to rain . . . )

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2017-03-31 11:11 am

# [66] お疲れ様です ! !

The end of 「ARASHI DISCOVERY」 (╥ω╥)

Listen it everyday >///< so it kind-of wwwaaaaaa~~~!!!!!>////////<


Finally . . .
watched Naruto the last episode ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )


Next week, start a new series Boruto and to be honest, I'm not gonna watch it ^^''


Another new PV from Keyaki ^-^

Beautiful PV ~ ~ ~ the detail is no joke *I think only Keyaki fan understand it =3

This scene T^T ~ ~ I can't remember her name ^^'' but how she pulled Neru and was like "Neru, you're not 1.5 member. You're Keyaki members!!"

Techi part seriously meaningful~~

this!!! being youngest and centre for 4th time is H A R D >.<

I love how they make captain and co-captain pick up Techi d^^b
"You're our forever-centre, Techi!!!!"

Big applause to Takahiro-sensei who choreo this piece ;D *and such a brilliant idea to include the previous dance step in this ^^

Techi already feel the pressure being a centre >.<
I believe she hope for 4th single, she's not a centre but . . .

Look at her >//< *A* She not smiling at all c:
Hang in there Techi because right now no one can replace you as centre d(^^)b
Your aura more powerful than Acchan ! !


This week, Sandaime literally everywhere to promote THE JSB WORLD ^3^

1 word = OmiRyu ヾ(≧∇≦)〃


Omi, that smile and please stop being cinderella boy shy . . lol=P

LOVE is in the air ~ ~ X3 *for these all promo I love Elly ;D because he bring out all the random stuffs that . . hahahahXDD




Update Aozora Yell eng sub HERE

That's all for now ^^

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2017-03-24 10:50 pm
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