Tracklist :
1. Sunshine+Voice
2. Summer time
3. Let it fly
4. コイセヨワタシ。
5. Your melody...
6. It's a "New Day"
7. Rainbow
8. Mr.Right
9. I believe
10. I & I
11. The way
12. Hello, My name is...

PV :
1. Rainbow
2. Let it fly
3. I & I
4. コイセヨワタシ。
5. Mr.Right

key : !73RBwlRLBkED_YENrpEjXQ
key : !rhVN2vQ3Kd_Z6nSbKIwk3Q

Who is she?
Hello! My name is Leola~~hahahaXD
btw, she's part of LDH~~~
I know her from anime 舟を編む
(1 of the best anime ^^b - recommended!!)
I hope you guys like her as much as I am X3

Enjoy ( ^^)(^^ )
Current Music: Leola ~ I & I
Current Mood: loved
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