11 July 2017 @ 09:53 am

Synopsis :
When Ritsu (Tomoya Nagase) was little, he was abandoned by his mother Reiko (Shinobu Otake). Ritsu belongs in the lower social strata. He happens to help Rinka (Riho Yoshioka). One day, Ritsu gets involved in a case and gets severely injured in the head. He can die at anytime. He attempts to find his mother and be good to her before his death. Ritsu finally finds his mother, but learns that she is leading a happy life with her pianist son Satoru (Kentaro Sakaguchi). He thought his mother abandoned him due to poverty. Ritsu decides to take revenge on his mother. Ritsu then meets Rinka again, who is Satoru’s childhood

Cast :
Tomoya Nagase
Riho Yoshioka
Kentaro Sakaguchi
Ayaka Onishi
Chizuru Ikewaki
Seiji Rokkaku
Baijaku Nakamura
Shinobu Otake

MEGA : ♡ 01 ♡ 02 . .

*I watched the original drama when knew about Tomoya new drama and man~~! ! ! T.T
Btw, you can download Korean version : HERE *eng sub

Enjoy ( ^^)(^^ )

Let's talk about how good Tomoya with bangs X3
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