◕ Photobucket new ToS . . I'm speechless (╯°□°)╯ *so where to dump all my gifs ==''
◕ The Music Day --> I'm NOT sharing the full show because the files is too big and I don't think many people want to watch the full show ^^
◕ Sho-chan look tired >.<
*otsukare~~! !
◕ Ninomi hot in PV and live ^3^ he aging backwards ! !
◕ I'm into J recently =3 also Riida thanks for Tsunagu I make a lot of gif *v*
◕ Aiba keep the black hair
◕ Love this year Arashi medley
seriously love Tsunagu
◕ Tomo sang/dance Venus ! ! hahhaaXDD ♡ ♡
◕ Where is Sandaime ? They miss MS SP, Music Day ! ! man~~~get it back together guys ! ! I know, I know they're working on something but . . I want Sandaime not xxx feat Omi, xxx feat Ryu, xxx feat Naoto etc. >////<
◕ Remember back then, when Sandaime active, Nidaime take a break~~~and now Nidaime pretty much-active-release-new-single-non-stop . .  Hiro-san, why can't both group active at the same time O.o?
◕ People still talking about Keyaki performance . . hahahaXDD
◕ The song call Eccentric; so yeah~~~eccentric X3
◕ I think people need to check the lyrics because "I am eccentric 変わり者でいい 理解されない方が よっぽど楽だと思ったんだ"
◕ Takahiro-san also mention the dance for this song either people like or hate; nothing in between. So, I like it and it's fine if you hate ^^b

That's all from me~~byebicycle ( ^^)(^^ )
Current Mood: annoyed
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