Throat problem, a man want to kill, Keyaki-chan 1st album (type A Techi solo cover) man~~the pressure. .this is too much for 16 years old kids >.<


⊳ Just read about recent Keyaki-chan HS >.< "I want to kill her!!" what the !!#$%#$^!!!! man, you're so sick!!!
⊳ Poor Techi T.T Stay strong kiddo ! ! !
⊳ Last night show was great but . . a bad news from Koichi TT.TT
⊳ Speedy recovery Tsuyoshi-san ! !

⊳ Btw, I'm glad Tomo singing it with Kouchan ^^ I miss TOKIO SOOO BAD

Enjoy ( ^^)(^^ )
*I'll share the whole show later
Current Mood: sad
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