12 May 2017 @ 04:48 pm
Hello and hi \\(^-^)//
How's life everyone ? ?
Busy ? and busy ? ?

Golden week was gone just like that ! ! *A*

As stated above . . .
My first お見合い (kind-of)

Short story,
my mum gave my contact number to Mr.A
and Mr.A text me
I dunno  . . .
this whole thing  . .

Everyone excited(?)
His mum called my mum couple times ask the progress about us
and they was like "Let's set the date"

woooo~~~~calm down everyone ! ! m(_ _)m

I don't know anything about him >.<
Yes, right now I know a little bit about him but still . . .

errmmm~~~I just leave a well said from anon at confessingaboutarashi :
"Can we just not act like marriage and kids are the ultimate happiness for everyone? Like obviously if someone wants to get married they should be able to but to feel bad for someone for not being married by a certain age is not only stupid but also incredibly rude "

Btw, can't get enough with HiGH & LOW X3
Here another kawaii H&L x CLAMP x LINE *key : !E9GkQQOKdtu3YIFe2hXbDw

Sorry about the random rants ^^'' Enjoy and have a nice weekend ( ^^)♡(^^)
Current Mood: pessimistic
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