The reason I ran back home today X3

man~~!! Captain arrow-jump I dunno what the correct words..hhahahaXDD

lift up~~!!! yaabbii!!! that's why they usually perform verse 2 c/o 1 because verse 1 the dance step = insane!!


goosebumps~~!!! the BADASS 僕は嫌だ EVER~~!!!!

⊿ Always love Music Station ver because the amazing camera works ^^b
⊿ Thanks for singing it live ;D like I mention before this song need to be live so you can feel the shit
⊿ Techi mic making lots of noise XD
⊿ Just notice 1 member is not here and I love how they just leave her space empty
⊿ I was screaming like crazy when Techi part XD yokattaa~~!! no one at home ^^''
It's Friday night ^^ so yeah~~I'm the only one that get back home early =P plus, I'm no fully recovered ==

⊿ As usual, I'll share the full show later ^-^


The best 不協和音 live ! ! Good job girls ^^b

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