06 April 2017 @ 11:24 pm
Today Keya-chan 1st anniversary ! !
Wish you girls more awesome years ahead~~! ! !

I love how management not push Techi like Acchan ^^b She only shine in performernce and not in variety X3

hahhaa . . she still a kid XD

I can't believe they (at least Techi and Neru singing 不協和音 live) and this rehearsal scene,
she tried to smile but yeah what the @!#$#@$

and I'm proudly declare that 不協和音 = My favorite song ❤

Please stop PM about Red Rain >///<
Yes, I already have it but let me enjoy it first, make a gif . .
Buy the disc if you can't wait ==''

*Currently rip it will be up maybe tonight or tomorrow ^^

Current Mood: rushed
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