24 March 2017 @ 10:50 pm

Keyaki new PV \\(^^)//

Damn~~~choreo is another level kakkoii choreo and the outfit ! !
♡ c/o and the guitar part at bridge ^^b
More fierce that SilMajo, KaNaMi & OwaShin and Techi~~man I can feel her ! ! !
Seriously great song and good job girls and thank you so much Takahiro-san for lead the girls again ^3^

*Just like you say, these girls --> no joke ! ! Era of AKB is gone and welcome to Keyaki . . . hahahahaXDDD

chest-popping part remind me of Naoto-san scene in Monitoring yes the episode he become a teacher/play badminton with student XDD

僕は . . ! ! !

Have a nice weekend ( ^^)(^^ )

Current Music: 欅坂46 ~ 不協和音
Current Mood: amused
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