07 March 2017 @ 12:52 pm
Random post about 欅坂46
badass awesome group ! ! !

Actually, after TakaMina graduate, I also graduate from 48 family =3
but . . .
new group born
and their debut song サイレントマジョリティー seriously @#$!$$%!# ! ! !
The lyrics, song, dance, outfit and center Hirate Yurina aka Techi . . WOOOWW ! ! !

For those who hate 48 group, try listening 46 group ---> Keyakizaki46
They're different ! ! ! Trust me ^^
Their dance = same level with E-Girl for me ^^v

Btw, my oshimen
Techi (Youngest member) & Neru (Tensai - Rare cases how she can be part of KKK46 and what a unique name =3)

I recommend:
- サイレントマジョリティー
- 世界には愛しかない
- 語るなら未来を . . .
- 二人セゾン
- 大人は信じてくれない

Techi --> Her aura ^^b Being center for 3 single and for the 4th single, she also be a center!
Look at Kanjani8 at the back XD

Ryo's face X3

Koichi : wait, you're part of Kinki Kids right?
Tsuyoshi : haaaa? I'm with Keyakizaka =P

The moment when Tsuyoshi thought he was a part of Keyakizaka . . hahhahaXDD
I love how he just choose the same outfit-pattern with Keyakizaka and went to Kayakizaka place during Kouhaku
while Koichi was like "I don't give a damn about him" lolXDDD

Takahiro x Techi
Takahiro is a brilliant choreographer ! ! ! and ikemen too =3
LDH should hired choreographer like him ==''
because the quality of the LDH dance recently kind-of-meehh~~ especially Sandaime >///<


Techi love LDH
She talk about them couple times ^-^

All Night Nippon, Ken-chan told her their performance become more kakkoi compare to before ^^b
*Other than E-Girls, it's rare to see Ken-chan talking about girl group =3

♡ Last year Music Station Super Live, Techi said Elly comment their dance are sooo cool ! !
*Yes, Elly. Super cool compare to you guys =='' Please,do something about your group =P

♡ Interview about Techi favorite fashion, she said
"My outfits are usually simple and monotone. I try to dress like Shuka Fujii (E-girls) sometimes =D "


In brief, Keyakizaka is the only 48/46 group that I follow now ^^

and I hope they stay with this-kind of concept

Stylist-san and Takahiro sensei, u guys are the BEST ! ! !
I want all their outfit ! ! but probably look ugly with me because I'm short =.='' hahahXDD


March 15, looking forward for 坂道AKB ! !
Special unit AKB48, Team 8, SKE48, HKT48, NGK46 and KKK46

and Techi as centre ! ! ^3^ *no one can beat her fierce look

That's all for today ( ^^)(^^ )

wisdom teeth on upper right hurt so bad >.< can u just appear silently T^T

Current Music: 欅坂46 ~ 大人は信じてくれない
Current Mood: numb
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